It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas¬†at Emmaus means SOCCER tournaments.


Yesterday we kicked it off with the annual staff vs. student game.


Unfortunately, are staff are a bit older and heavier than our students :), but this year we played really well…


Rosa’s winning penalty kick!

The first staff victory in at least 10 years ūüôā


Afterwards, we celebrated Leme’s 31st birthday over dinner and cake!


Leme is such a humble, godly and servant-hearted man, and it was a joy to spend some non-work time with him and three of our students who are his best friends.


Before Leme blew out his candles, he made a short speech, noting that in his whole life, his birthday had never been celebrated.  He said that this year and last year, when our families made him dinner and a simple cake, were the first times he had ever had a birthday.  The thought had never occurred to me.  Even then, there were no presents or trips to the zoo or movies, no balloons, no fancy meals, just a pot pie and a sheet cake and some people who love him.  He was so touched.

I was so touched.
Perspective; what a gift.