Building the Kingdom.

Emmaus Biblical Seminary exists to develop Christ-like leaders for the transformation of Haiti. We do this through undergraduate and graduate-level training rooted in the Wesleyan-holiness tradition. EBS is committed to not only academic rigour and world-class education, but also making disciples, church planters, and transformative leaders.









Help Us Change a Nation.

To change a nation, change its leaders. Emmaus Biblical Seminary has a rich, 50-year history of mentoring and discipling students to become holy leaders in the image of Christ. A year at EBS costs students about $500US. Because of the economic hardship in Haiti, EBS substantially subsidizes student tuition and fees so that students can afford it. Your investment will help change a nation for the Gospel. You can make a difference.


Our pursuit of academic excellence flows from our commitment to Scripture’s mandate to love the Lord God with all of our minds (Mark 12:30) and from the Bible’s emphasis on the importance of theological education for those called to ministry.

Bachelor of Theology

The BTh Program, by emphasizing the centrality of the Word of God, prepares students to be a witness for Christ in the culture that they are called to minister to (primarily Haitian culture) and the contemporary world by giving students a thorough grounding in the truth of God’s word and teaching the Bible in the context of its setting, demonstrating the relevance of the authority of the Bible today. The BTh program also focuses on developing leaders for the ministry of discipleship and formation—understanding the biblical, educational, and organizational principles at the foundations of effective ministry.

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Master of Education

Developing Haiti through the education of its citizenry  requires a greater number of qualified teachers and administrators. To that end, the MEIA degree will prepare persons to serve as teachers and administrators in the public and private schools of Haiti. However, the MEIA program will be unique in that it will prepare practicing teachers and administrators to supervise teachers, which will undoubtedly raise the level of teaching and learning in the classroom. The focus on supervision of teachers will not only enhance the quality of Haiti’s teachers, it will also increase a school’s ability to educate Haiti’s citizenry more effectively.

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Master of Christian Leadership

The program leading to the Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (MACL) degree is designed to provide graduate-level biblical and theological education that prepares students for leadership roles in a wide variety of ministry settings. The MACL prepares students to assume leadership positions in churches, Christian schools and colleges, missions organizations and local communities.

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Master of Theological Studies

EBS and Indiana Wesleyan University have partnered together to offer a Master’s of Theological Studies (MTS) degree program on the EBS campus for prospective students living in northern Haiti. The program is a hybrid residential/correspondence program. Students spend five days every eight weeks on the EBS campus with the IWU course instructor, then follows up that time with rigorous academic work via correspondence.The degree can be completed in 2.5 years of full-time study.

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Master of Arts in Apologetics & World Religions

The Master of Arts in Apologetics & World Religions (MAAWR) degree program aims to prepare informed global citizens for powerful Christian evangelistic engagement in a pluralistic world. Accordingly, the concentration equips students for a powerful witness to the lordship of Jesus. In offering this concentration, EBS will fill a desperate need and therefore play an important role in the advancement of the kingdom of God in Haiti, the rest of the Caribbean Islands, and beyond.

The MAAWR is launching soon.

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News & Updates.

Good Work

Alright, a few shots from another busy week!  This week Marshall Daigre wrapped up the Biblical Doctrine of Holiness course, Pastor Fanfan Joseph finished 1 & 2 Samuel, and Miss. Pam concluded the Pauline Epistles. I love talking to our students about these classes, hearing all the input from the student's perspective during the day and from the professor's over dinner at night. What a gift to have so many cultures working together for the Gospel, learning from...

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Accreditation News!

Glory, glory to God, today Emmaus Biblical Seminary of Haiti has been officially accredited by the Carribean Evangelical Theological Association (CETA), affirming that EBS measures up to global standards for higher education, and establishing Emmaus Biblical Seminary as the first and only school in all of Haiti, even on the entire island, to be so accredited. The journey has included hundreds of changes, improvements, purchases, policies, procedures, manuals,...

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By Stacey Ayars So thankful for the men and women who add to and sacrifice from busy lives and ministries to pour out their gifts at Emmaus! Miss Pam is still with us persevering through the works of Paul, Dr. Jeff Mansell, executive director of Seven Baskets Ministries and teaching for Indiana Wesleyan University completed his course on the Evangelistic Mandate of the Church, and Pastor Adam Godbold of Georgia took our students though the first half of the...

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Student Spotlight.

Camille – Student Testimony

Camille – Student Testimony

I'm not quite sure how to wrap words around this, but you know me...I'll try! Today I was sitting down with Camille, one of my favorite first year students...soft-spoken, clear-eyed, sweet-smiled, slow to speak and always visibly rolling his words over in his mind before he speaks them. He was telling me his story.  Start to finish, highlights and prayers, dreams and visions. I've been asking a lot of questions of students lately and gathering up lots of little...

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