Women in Ministry Scholarships

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  • While God continues to call His daughters to share the Gospel, to serve and to disciple new believers, it is incredibly challenging for women to find support for ministry in Haiti. Emmaus needs your help getting behind women in ministry!

Full Scholarship

A full scholarship is $1000 for the year. It can be given as a one-time gift or for $84 per month.

Half Scholarship

A half scholarship is $500 for the year. It can be given as a one-time gift or for $42 per month.

Other Ways to Give
  • Give Monthly

    Our greatest financial need is monthly giving. To set up an automatic monthly withdraw, click here. Email us at give@ebshaiti.org with any questions.

  • Become a Legacy Partner

    Legacy Partners are men and women committed to help support Emmaus through their gift of $1,000 each year, and committed to stand with Emmaus as family. Learn More

  • Give a Scholarship

    Give a scholarship (anonymously or in the name of a group or loved one) towards a pastor, church planter, evangelist, woman in ministry or community service project today! Learn More >

How Your Gift Is Used

A year at EBS costs students approximately $500US. Because of the economic hardship in Haiti, EBS substantially subsidizes student tuition and fees so that students can afford it. As a result, we depend heavily on donors like you.

Giving to EBS helps cover the cost of two essential areas:

  1. Room and Board — About one half of your gift goes towards feeding and housing EBS students. Paying these costs relieves much of the financial strain on our students allowing them to focus on their training.
  2. Education — Another half of your gift helps pay the wages of EBS faculty, staff, and administration.

Click here for more detailed information about the cost of an EBS education.