Student Testimony


Molière – Pastor

My father was a witchdoctor, and living with him I learned a lot about the Satanic world.  He worked to train me in his ways, but I quickly found that I did not want to follow in my father’s footsteps.  After two years,  I left him and went to town to continue my education.  During my eighth grade year, I began to follow Christ.

I didn’t have a plan to convert, that was for sure, and my family’s plan was that I was going to be in Voodoo.  But there was a friend of my mine who was always telling me that the ways of God were so much better than the way I was going.

When I left voodoo to follow Jesus and shared the Gospel with my family, my father said he would not pay for my schooling anymore.  He was paying for my house.  Now he wouldn’t pay for the house.  I was homeless.  And out of school.

I missed two years of schooling, bouncing around from friend’s house to friend’s house just trying to survive.  Finally, I settled in with one friend, and his family helped me pay for school again. When it was time for high school, he helped me pay for that, too.  I was incredibly poor, never having anything extra, and worked very hard to finish school, wanting to merit their generosity.

However, after high school, I once again had no one to help me and no where to live.

For five years, I had nothing but my church. I was in church everyday, almost all day. I sometimes lived in the church, sleeping on benches, and I was always working with people there, working in a program they had there to teach people how to do evangelism.

My journey to Emmaus…

A group of friends and I started a Bible study/accountability/prayer group called “Spiritual Backup.”  I was studying the Bible a lot, because I had nothing else to do, and I started to realize that a lot of things being taught at our church were clearly not what the Bible said.  As our group started pointing these things out, the church asked us to leave.  And once again, I had no place to live.

When they put us out, there was a member in the group who started hosting our group in their house, and it was this person who said, “Moliere, we need to send you to seminary for this group, so you can study more and teach us better so we can know the truth of the Word from the world of lies.”

While I was very anxious to do that very thing, I didn’t even have a HOME, or a MEAL, much less a chance to go to seminary!

But the group all quickly agreed, and came around me.  They took an offering, and it was just enough to sign up at Emmaus Biblical Seminary.  EBS gave me a bill, and each month, I take that bill to my group, and together, we all pay it. Every week, we meet together 3 times, and I teach them everything I learn.

I live at the Seminary now, and on weekends I pastor a small church in the same village the seminary is in.  Once, they too heard a lot of preaching that did not align with the Bible.  Now, I work to simply share the true Gospel, and ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate His truth for the people of Saccanville, for the people of Haiti!

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