EBS Missions Coordinate and Professor of Missiology Junior Cineas came by tonight to give us a quick update on the discipleship group at Fèv. There was a woman there who was deeply in Voudou who converted. One of the problems, however, was that she was living on the witchdoctor’s property and didn’t have anywhere to go after conversion. As Junior visited the area today, this woman came running up to him enthusiastic.

“Pastor! Pastor!”


“God responded to my prayer! He’s given me a new place to stay!

“Praise God!,” Junior responded.

“I want to testify to what God has done for me at our service on Sunday!,” she said.

We’re thankful.

This isn’t the only good news for the night.

Also today, Junior and a group of students went into Sakanvil (our local community) just to pray for the community (prayer walk). As they encountered locals they are asked, “What are you guys doing?”

“Just praying for the neighborhood.,” they responded.

“Yes! Please, come in our homes and pray!”

We are so thankful and blessed for the open spirit among the people that we’re serving. They are hungry for the Gospel of Jesus.

Be praying for Fèv and Sakanvil as we seek to not only preach the gospel, but help people of Haiti understand the Gospel as God draws people to himself to transform their hearts and build his Kingdom.