We’re so blessed to have Dr. Ray Easley here with us this week. Dr. Ray is leading faculty training (made possible by the Theological Education department of the One Mission Society!)

Dr. Ray is covering topics such as:

  1. Writing Educational Objectives
  2. Constructing a Syllabus
  3. Three Dimentions of a Fully-Formed Leader
  4. 4C Model for Quality Faculty
  5. Philosophy of Teaching and Best Practices
  6. Philosphy of Liberal Arts Education

We are so thankful that God has sent us his gifted teachers to help us grow as a team and best fulfill our God-given mission to Develop Christ-like Leaders for the Spiritual Transformation of Haiti!

EBS Academic Dean Rev. Lucner Piere translating for Dr. Ray

EBS Faculty Rev. Dr. Child Présumé, and Guenson Charlot

EBS Faculty and Hospitality Team Coordinator Emily Heckman

(Left to Right) Jodenel Ambrase, Dr. Child Présumé, Siméon Desauguste, and Pastor Codo.

EBS Vice Academic Dean Fanfan Joseph

Dr. Ray Easley teaching on Bloom’s Taxonomy of the 6 Levels of Learning

Dr. Ray leading devoations.

Time of prayer

(Left to Right) Fanfan Joseph, Jodenel Ambrase, Dr. Child, Simeon Desauguste, and Guenon Charlot

EBS Rector Dr. Matt Ayars translating for Dr. Ray