Fall 2017 Is Here!

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Busy as ever this fall! We have: Dr. Steve Tsoukalas teaching Philosophy for Understanding Thelogy Dr. Don Little teaching Islam and Christian Faith Dr. Charles Lake teaching Evangelism and Discipleship Brother Simeon Desauguste teaching Computer 101! Please be praying for us as we prepare for Hurricane Irma.

They Are Here

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One of my favorite days of the year was yesterday and today…the days all the students come home!  As much as God’s at work through us and Emmaus sending people OUT…I love when they come in, too. Everyone is so grateful to be back together, most of whom were in …

Fall 2017

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Today we kicked off the first day of school activities of the year with orientation and retreat. It was a tremendously fun homecoming for our students, and we have an excellent incoming class!

Camille – Student Testimony

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I’m not quite sure how to wrap words around this, but you know me…I’ll try! Today I was sitting down with Camille, one of my favorite first year students…soft-spoken, clear-eyed, sweet-smiled, slow to speak and always visibly rolling his words over in his mind before he speaks them. He was …