Admissions Documents and Procedures


All students must properly fill out an SBEH New Student Application form. Application Forms can be obtained from the SBEH admissions department, from the SBEH Academic Dean, or from the SBEH administration office.

Official Academic Documents 

  1. All applicants must provide original official documentation stating the completion of both Rheto and Philo.
  2. Diplomas – applicants must provide original (to be copied and returned to student) diplomas for all earned degrees
  3. Transcripts – Transcripts are required of all previous academic work undertaken at an college or university.

Reference Forms

References play a strong determining role in the application process at SBEH and are thus a required component of the application process.  Applicants must have a minimum of three references.  Individuals referring the student are expected to be quality Christians leaders of good reputation who can hold the student accountable for both their Christian walk, their academic careers and their call to ministry.  SBEH requires a minimum of three references.  Referrers must fill out and submit reference form provided by the SBEH admissions department.  Insufficient reference forms submitted on behalf of the applicant mean an incomplete application packet.

Proof of Financial Support

Upon application, students must provide proof that they are able to pay all debts for services rendered by SBEH.  If the student meets all admissions requirements yet is unable to provide proof of financial support for participating in the program, the student can be temporarily admitted into the program with the provision that the student request a meeting with the Financial Aid Committee within one week of acceptance into the program.


All applicants are required to participate in an interview with the SBEH admissions committee.  During the interview, the admissions committee conducting the interview typically make inquiries regarding the following: (1) ability to perform academically, (2) spiritual life, morality and maturity and (3) call to full-time ministry and theological training.


For admission into the program, all students must take entrance exams.  Students must pass the entrance exams in order to be admitted into the program.  In the event that all other admissions requirements are met but the student fails the entrance exams, a special case can be arranged in which the student can be admitted into the program on a probationary status.

Other Requirements

  1. Pastoral recommendation
  2. Two references
  3. Testimony detailing applicant’s conversion story
  4. Two ID photos
  5. Certificate of Good Health
  6. Certificate of Bonne Vie