Strategic Planning

All members of the EBS community are involved in the strategic planning process that occurs every five years at EBS. During that process, the community, at the direction of the EBS Rector and EBS Board of Director’s  Strategic Planning Committee, establishes (1) short-term goals (1 year), (2) short-term goals (2-4 years), and (3) long-term goals (5+ years).

The community just completed the 2010-2015 strategic planning cycle and has launched the process for the 2016-2021 period.

The following is a list of items among the many goals achieved and initiatives launched and completed for the 2010-2015 cycle:

  • Local Accreditation Complete (Authorization from the Ministry of Cults of the Republic of Hait)
  • EBS Independence from the One Mission Society.
  • Incorporated in the State of Kansas.
  • Obtained 501c3 tax status.
  • EBS Student Catalogue (both in English and French) complete and published.
  • Employee contracts (in compliance with the Haitian Labor Code) for all EBS Employees in place.
  • One faculty member completed the Wesely Scholar program .
  • Documented employee performance reviews in place.
  • Student records system rebuilt and activated.
  • Faculty evaluation methods in place.
  • Faculty manual written and published.
  • Internet access for all students.
  • Admissions requirements change to only accepting high school graduates (Bach I and II).
  • Emmaus Communion of Churches Denominational Scholarship in place.
  • Solar Energy Initiative launched and completed.
  • Men’s dorm construction completed.
  • MDF program reformed and implemented.
  • New Director of Physical Operations (Phil Heckman) Hire.
  • Tuition adjustment for deflation of the Haitian gourde.
  • Accounting system improved/changed (quickbooks).
  • EBS Master’s Degree launched (MACL).
  • EBSCO Host subscription obtained.
  • subscription obtained.
  • Logos Bible Software French package obtained.
  • New computer lab installed.
  • Two core (Haitian) faculty members working towards doctorates.
  • Enrollment increased to minimum of 80 (currently at 100).

Rector’s letter to the community for 2016-2021 Strategic Planning cycle.