Faculty Info for Self-Study

Matt Ayars, President and Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies

Steve Tsoukalas, Professor of Apologetics and World Religions

Joyce Thornton, Dean of Graduate Studies and Professor of Education

Lucner Pierre, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Professor of New Testament

Brent Sleasman, Visiting Professor of Homiletics and Communications

Fanfan Joseph, Vice Academic Dean and Professor of OT

Guenson Charlot, Director of Research and Professor of Hermeneutics

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  • The Solution is a Person
    The solution to the world’s problems is a person, not a thing. I’m grateful for this. I’ve been serving as the President of Emmaus Biblical Seminary in Haiti since 2012. Since that time, the institution ... Read More
  • The Incarnation—Tough Stuff
    Serious Christians take the Bible seriously. Taking the Bible seriously is a dangerous thing. It’s dangerous because there are things in the Bible that are hard to understand. There are also commands to Christians in ... Read More