EBS Ethics Statement

All members of the EBS community (students, staff, faculty, and administration) are required to indicate their agreement with the EBS Ethics Statement by way of signature in order to be eligible members of the community. The EBS Ethics Statement is:

All members of the EBS community are expected to live a life committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. This commitment is evidenced through behavior that harmonizes with the Christian code of ethics for believers detailed in the Scriptures. This includes honesty, purity, and love towards others. Furthermore, all members of  the community are expected to abstain from extramarital sexual relations, homosexual practice, the use of tobacco, alcohol, and illegal substances. It is also important that the dress and personal appearance of all members of the community are glorifying to Christ and testifies to his transforming power in the life of the individual.

It is also expected that all members of the community demonstrate deep respect for the institution and willingly participates in in the life, programs, and activities of the seminary with enthusiasm. This includes a generous and gracious attitude towards others and the embrace of the seminary’s mission statement, its code of ethics, and its profession of faith. This translates into active participation in EBS Chapel services, prayer servies, and other seminary activities.

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