The EBS Missionary Family

Having its origins in the One Mission Society, missionaries have been present at EBS since its naissance in 1967.

There are currently three missionary families serving at EBS in a full-time capacity. For more information on each family, see below.

  • The Heckmans

    The Heckman family is serving the Lord at EBS. Phil is the Director of Physical Operations…Read More
  • The Ayars Family

    Matt and Stacey married in June 2005, knowing that the Lord was calling and confirming them…Read More
  • The Edlers


    Bill and Julie Edler, missionaries with One Mission Society, will serve at Emmaus Biblical Seminary near Cap Haitien, Haiti. Give to the Edlers.

Other ways to give

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Our Location

Our History

IMG_6530In the 1950s, Eldon Turnidge received the vision for a Haitian vocational bible school while at the OMS Vocational Bible School in Cristalina, Columbia.

Turnidge shared the vision with OMS missionary David Graffenberger, who, along with Marilyn Murphy (now Shaferly) and Gaudin Charles, founded the Emmaus Vocational Bible School in 1967.  David Graffenberger also served as the first Director of Emmaus Vocational Bible School.

In 2000, after many years of successful training of Haitians for bi-vocational ministry, EVBS’ registration closed.  In August 2001, under the direction of Dr. Bill Cooper, Emmaus’ registration reopened to accept theological students exclusively. At that time, the name of the school changed from Emmaus Vocational Bible School to Emmaus Biblical Seminary of Haiti.

Construction began on a new seminary campus in Saccenville in 2006. Construction was completed in 2009 and the campus was officially dedicated in January of 2009, the Monday before the earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince.