223159_281762885257750_142306966_nEmmaus Biblical Seminary is not only a theological education institution, it is a community of believers where the living ecclesia is deeply integrated into the Christian academy. Members of the EBS community include our leadership team (EBS President, Deans, Faculty and Staff), as well as students who are being formed for current full-time Christian ministry. Semesterly, the larger EBS community is joined together with its former graduates for continuing education seminars.


Each day at EBS when we pray, study, and worship, all of these activities are done within a climate characterized by God’s sanctifying and loving presence in the lives of EBS community members.


We hold worship and prayer services in chapel three days weekly as well as small groups once weekly. At the heart of our fellowship time is sharing meals together in the EBS cafeteria. The greatest privilege of EBS calling is the perennial holy communion that takes place among the EBS community members.