2017 marks fifty years of existance for Emmaus Biblical Seminary!

It is by God’s grace alone that EBS has had the privilege and honor of developing Christ-like leaders for the transformation of Haiti.

The EBS community plans to celebrate this time in EBS’s history through the following events:

Dat Activités Lieu Heure
8 Janvier Service de louange Eglises connectées au Séminaire AM
9 Janvier Célébration officielle du 50è anniversaire Campus du Séminaire à Cercaville 11: 00 AM- 1: 00 PM
4 Février Match de Football: Fam. Emmaus et la Presse Camp: Rue 0 6:00 PM
11 Mars Nettoyage Ville du Cap-Haïtien 8: 00 AM – 4: 00 PM
18 Mars Marathon Ville du Cap-Haïtien 9: 00 – 11: 00 AM
5 -7 Avril Croisade Spirituelle Rue 5 du Cap-Haïtien 5:30 – 9: 00 PM
23 Avril Programme Spirituel: artiste invités/concours Tabernacle de Louange 2:00 PM
6 Mai Service d’Action de Grace Eglise Evangélique de Vaudreuil 3:00 PM
10 Mai Banquet Villa Cana 3:00 PM
12 Mai Graduation Eglise Chrétienne de Pillatre 9:00 AM

Theological Orientation

home_wesleyEmmaus Biblical Seminary is an undergraduate theological education institution in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition.

The theology of John Wesley

Our Location

Our History

IMG_6530In the 1950s, Eldon Turnidge received the vision for a Haitian vocational bible school while at the OMS Vocational Bible School in Cristalina, Columbia.

Turnidge shared the vision with OMS missionary David Graffenberger, who, along with Marilyn Murphy (now Shaferly) and Gaudin Charles, founded the Emmaus Vocational Bible School in 1967.  David Graffenberger also served as the first Director of Emmaus Vocational Bible School.

In 2000, after many years of successful training of Haitians for bi-vocational ministry, EVBS’ registration closed.  In August 2001, under the direction of Dr. Bill Cooper, Emmaus’ registration reopened to accept theological students exclusively. At that time, the name of the school changed from Emmaus Vocational Bible School to Emmaus Biblical Seminary of Haiti.

Construction began on a new seminary campus in Saccenville in 2006. Construction was completed in 2009 and the campus was officially dedicated in January of 2010, the Monday before the earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince.