I walked around campus on my way to work today and took a few shots of the day…wish you were here!
Our super-awesome new van has been super-awesome.  Blan and Phil tag-teamed the ladder/front grill/luggage rack/bumper project, and now we feel less nervous about driving it around, and the luggage rack is going to be a huge blessing for those many times we’ve had 15+passengers, AND luggage!
Somehow, Phil is also working on 25 other things, like the continued transformation of this old tool shed into badly needed office space.  Last week they poured the front steps and walk, this week it’s been painted and the roof-thingies are being…finished.  I don’t now.  All I know is it’s looking GREAT, and everyone is starting to hope that their office will be in here!
I popped in on two classes this morning, and both of them were right in the middle of laughing.  All I can conclude from this that taking classes at EBS must be really fun!  They also must be a lot of work, because everyone’s chalkboards and notebooks were busy!
Pastor Lucner Pierre is our academic dean…
…and Prof. Guenson Charlot with third year was having just as much fun studying the person and work of the Holy Spirit!

You can tell from the grass how badly we need rain in those blue skies…hurricane after hurricane seems to amp up in reputation and then miss us all together.  NOT that we want a hurricane, mind you…but a little rain would go a long way!
Phil and the work-study program students still have all the flowers and plants looking lush and green!
If steaming hot corn gruel is your thing, today is your day!  Feeding 100+ people each day is no joke!  I love watching the ladies cook.  It’s one thing to cook like I do, with a mixer and an oven and a thermometer and a timer and a spoon.  It’s entirely different using a paddle, fanning charcoal, adjusting stones…very impressive.  And incredibly hot.

Inside, MaCodo’s working on the beef/veggie sauce and the rice and beans.
Pour it all on top and you have an awesome, 200 degree lunch to cool you down and fill you up!
This is Fanfan, and this weekend, he is heading to Port-au-Prince to GRADUATE with his master’s degree from Indiana Wesleyan’s distance learning program.  We are all just incredibly proud of him…it’s been a lot of work, meant a lot of time away from his wife and precious new baby girl, but he has been dedicated and now he is finished!  So thankful to have him in our community and thankful for the Lord’s continued work in Fanfan’s life!
(I did not take this picture this morning…but she is just too cute not to share!)
Which brought me back to my office…where piles of grading (though FAR less than there could be due to massive Rosa and Haylie help!) await…